Our Year 7 pupils stepped out into Bakewell as history detectives this week, intent on discovering the misty medieval past of the ancient market town that is home to S. Anselm’s.

They met guides from the Bakewell Old House Museum and were immediately enthralled by their account of life in Bakewell nearly a thousand years ago. Pupils learnt about the importance of the river and the building of the ancient bridges across the River Wye.  They also learnt about the markets and fairs that have been held in Bakewell for over 800 years, as well as the various methods of public humiliation used by the medieval authorities to maintain order.

After this the group walked past the ancient alms houses and headed up to the Bakewell Parish Church.  Stories of those buried in the churchyard captured everyone’s imagination before turning to focus on the Anglo-Saxon and Norman elements of the church, most font and the misericords.

At every stage, the team from Bakewell Old House Museum brought the history of our home town to life and helped pupils to better understand key elements of medieval life they have been studying in the classroom.