Friday evening was celebration time with all the boarders, especially for the Year 8s after working hard in all their exams which they finished earlier in the day.

Lovely to see the blues and pinks of their new hoodies as they walked to the BBQ for Sheryl’s brilliant burgers and delicious hot dogs. It was clear that all the children were ready to sit, chat and talk about anything other than revision!

After devouring the sticky toffee pudding dessert, the seniors got straight back on with play rehearsal and the juniors headed over to the astro for the big games. It did not take long before competitive cheers from each team and head to head battles began. Some huge hits and some great saves meant that everyone was focusing on scoring as many points as they could but most importantly saving themselves from being out.

It was good to watch such fun and sportsmanship before they all headed back to the boarding house for a peaceful film or the very popular football match. Despite defeat for England everyone went to bed in a great mood and ready for Sports Day in the morning.