Castleton was the location for the first Year 8 trip of the academic year and neither pupils, location or weather disappointed!

During the day, the focus was  for the pupils to collect data about the benefits and problems of tourism in this area. The information collected will form the basis of their Geography Project. This will be written up in the first part of the Michaelmas Term in Geography and ICT lessons and accounts for 20% of the pupils Common Entrance grade in Geography.


The pupils were very engaged in their tasks and these included a footpath survey where they measured the depth of erosion on the paths which criss cross Mam Tor,  traffic and pedestrian counts in the village itself and conducting a questionnaire to the many tourists who we encountered on the day. Year 8 were extremely well behaved and a credit to the school and their families. Many were able to not only record their findings but go beyond this and think about the data they had collected and evaluate their fieldwork methods: all great Geography!