Last Saturday, our Year 8 pupils embarked on a team building exercise to celebrate the end of their Common Entrance examinations.  In theory the task was easy, to walk from Baslow for 2.5 km to Curbar Edge car park.  Except it wasn’t.
First the pupils were put into teams, they then were told that they had to create a ‘rig’ that would carry one team member who would be wearing various items of sports equipment they need at S. Anselm’s: a hockey helmet, cricket pads, a hockey stick, a football and a tennis ball.  The rig was to be constructed from a chair, three fence posts, cable ties, two ratchet straps, and a maximum of ten metres of duct tape.  The teams got to work building their contraptions, some learning the hard way and others assuming it was an easy task …
Once they thought they were ready, Mr Simpson and Mr Critchlow put the devices through a rigorous ‘scrutineering’ process, checking their precarious cable ties and duct tape wraps, and making all the rigs safer before transporting them to Baslow.
The pupils arrived at the start and despite a few concerned looking locals who were reassured to their safety they started.  As the walk wasn’t a race – to be successful all pupils and equipment needed to make it to the top before the time cut off after an hour.  It was amazing to see and hear our pupils work together to carry their ‘rigs’, some singing songs with others embracing the opportunity to be away from school and in the glorious Peak District.  The view from the top of Curbar is breathtaking and even more so once you know that you have carried a team member to the top!  We are delighted to say that all pupils made it to the top, with only a few rig mishaps on the way.  As they passed the final checkpoint, before the final rise to the car park, every single pupil was overjoyed with their achievement.
For the first time in well over 18 months the pupils were supported on the course by their families and friends.  It was lovely to have our wider school community together and we very much look forward to having more parents back at school fixtures and events soon.
A huge congratulations to Year 8 for completing the course with such positivity, spirit and energy.  They were all brilliant and attacked the course with such gusto!
Finally, a huge thank you must go to Mr Critchlow for organising the event and to all members of staff who gave up their time to help make the day so enjoyable.