Warwick Castle was a stunning backdrop, on Friday 13th March, for our Year 7 and 8 historians to explore Medieval warfare. On arrival, our plucky band of warriors were immediately formed into ranks and ordered to present arms in a mock battle.  Hefting swords, war axes, a poleaxe and a mace, they were challenged to strike down opponents. They proved quick learners yet, thankfully, not one spot of blood was spilt!  The children learnt of the horrors of the battlefield and the role of infantry, archers and cavalry.  Moreover we learnt about the importance of the trebuchet, siege towers, battering rams and undermining when laying siege.
Now fully trained and ready for combat, the children re-enacted the Battle of Hastings with great gusto. The woeful errors of Harold and the cunning of William and his army were debated.

Next, the battlements were explored and our bravest ventured up onto the wall and imagined being beset on all sides by murderous opponents.

We also went into the bowels of the ancient keep and saw the blacksmith, whitesmith, tanners and fletchers readying the castle for war.
We emerged into the 21st century in the shop where the children purchased some well earned treats.
The pupils were delightful company and we hope that this trip has inspired them all. Year 7 will build on the knowledge they gained when they begin their castles projects later this year.
Sincere thanks to all the teachers who helped ensure the trip was successful.