Pastoral Care

We aim to ensure that every child at S. Anselm’s feels confident, secure, valued, cared for and supported.

The quality of relationships within school is of paramount importance.  The rapport and relationships that children establish with adults as well as other children is central to their experience at school, developing mutual trust and respect.

Kindness and respect are fostered throughout every part of S. Anselm’s.  As a Christian faith school, we are committed to developing the whole child as they develop interpersonal skills alongside their academic studies.

Each child is directly under the care of their form teacher who reinforces these values.  Form teachers register the children in their forms twice a day (at the start of the morning and afternoon), and so are directly available to be able to answer any questions of concerns a child may have.  They are a natural first point of contact and support.

Time with form tutors is also used to discuss current affairs and there is a weekly topical debate.  As well as submitting our views to the government via VotesforSchools, this ensures tutors can provide explanation, perspective and reassurance around any topical issues that might be worrying to children.

All children from Year 1 to Year 11 have a weekly PSHE lesson, which integrates personal, social, health and economic education with an emphasis on emotional literacy, mental health and spiritual, moral and cultural values.

Children are always encouraged to talk with their form teacher or any other member of staff if they have any concerns or worries either in or out of school.

The Headmaster and Deputy Heads, supported by the Head of Pastoral Care (Miss Louise Flack), are closely involved in the pupils’ welfare and pastoral care and are always available to offer support.

The Pastoral Care Notice Board provides signposting information and contact details should any child have a concern or be unsure who to talk to.

Our excellent teacher-pupil ratio ensures a much higher involvement in each pupil’s progress and development than most schools can offer, meaning that teachers have an intimate knowledge of where pupils currently are in their studies, as well as their strengths and weaknesses and can work with them to set goals and devise strategies to achieve them.  Of course, it also means that teaching staff are on hand to provide support and guidance when needed.

Our School Nurse (Mrs Helen Seddon), is also closely involved in supporting the wellbeing and health of our pupils – as well as being on hand should a pupil become poorly.

Children are also able to contribute their views and ideas on all aspects of school life through the School Council and its pupil representatives.

Induction of new pupils

New pupils are encouraged to have a Taster Day where they can meet their form tutors and other pupils in their form.

When joining the Prep School all new pupils have both a senior and junior guide to help them settle quickly into school routines.

The S. Anselm’s House System provides an opportunity for pupils to mix with children from other year groups and supports an early sense of belonging as well as enabling positive team spirit to develop.

An Information Booklet is provided so pupils and parents are aware of school routines and expectations.

Extra support and counselling

Counselling is offered by our School Nurse, but should further support be required, we have an excellent working relationship with Derwent Rural Counselling Service.


S. Anselm’s puts its commitment to the safeguarding and protection of the children in our care at the heart of everything we do. To view our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, please click: THIS LINK